Advanced Surface Ablation Reviews

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PRK was quite an experience! For the first week, I was seeing through a thick fog and the fog took much longer to clear than I thought. I got nervous and worried it would never clear, but the second Friday following my surgery, all of a sudden when I woke up, I could see! The world was much more beautiful than I’d ever noticed. I am 100% thrilled with my eyesight. It was 20/20 two weeks out and some days I even forget that I had the surgery because my eyes see so perfectly, and I have really no troubles with them.

Pamela Peltz


I thought about having surgery done a few years ago, but was putting it off because I was nervous. I attended a seminar and got more information, but still put it off. When I was having some trouble wearing my contact lenses (dry eyes, contacts moving out of position, etc.), I attended another seminar. I decided it was time to get this done. I was nervous when I came in, but the staff was very reassuring. They walked me through every step of the procedure. The next day I felt great. I thought, “That was really easy.” The second day after surgery was a bad day. My eyes itched and burned. I thought, “Why did I do this?” By the time I came back to the office, three (3) days after, I was feeling better. One (1) week later I could see. It is now one (1) month later and I can honestly say I would recommend this to anyone. My eyesight from before surgery to now is unbelievable. I never thought I would be able to see without corrective lenses.

Amy Yankoski


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