Corneal Refractive Therapy

Serving Kingston, Scranton, Wilkes-Barre and all of Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA)

Eyecare Patients ScrantonCorneal refractive therapy (CRT) is a scientifically designed, precision manufactured and FDA-approved corneal reshaping system.

CRT gas permeable therapeutic lenses are made specifically for each patient using corneal topography. This technology measures your specific cornea shape within 10 microns of measurement for the most accurate lenses for you. Before you go to sleep at night, the lenses are inserted. Then, while you rest, the lenses gently and temporarily reshape your cornea. When you awake, the lenses are removed, resulting in great vision all day long.

corneal refractive therapy ScrantonThe length of treatment will be primarily determined by your prescription, and your compliance with the prescribed CRT wearing schedule. Typically, we expect to see 90% of the vision changes within the first week of treatment and full treatment within two weeks. Some eyes will require a longer period of time to complete the process. Thereafter, the lenses will have to be worn routinely to maintain treatment vision.

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