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Lasik patient testimonial Scranton, PA“Ahhh! To be able to sleep-in a couple more minutes – and trust me, every minute counts at 3:00 in the morning!

I like to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when I arrive at the FROGGY 101 studio for The Doc Show morning broadcast. However, the bright-eyed part doesn’t always happen when you have to wear contact lenses. Some mornings, my eyes looked so bloodshot, my co-hosts would accuse me of partying all night. But actually, it was my dreaded contacts!

Glasses weren’t much better. They would slide off my face or get in the way. I had to learn the hard way that you DON’T have great peripheral vision with glasses. The dented lamp post at the end of my driveway is a sorry reminder that you can’t look out of the corner of your glasses while backing out!

Dr. Harvey Reiser of Eye Care Specialists not only improved my sight, he improved my life! Since having LASIK, my vision is 20/15 – that’s BETTER than 20/20! I never knew what that felt like, even with contacts and glasses. It’s amazing! And life is so much easier not having to deal with changing prescriptions, contact solution, and practically poking your eyes out every morning just to see!

The doctors and staff of Eye Care Specialists are so professional. I felt confident about getting LASIK at Eye Care Specialists because Dr. Reiser and staff provide one-on-one personal attention. They took the time to inform me, answer every question, and made sure I was absolutely comfortable with the procedure.

Now, life is simple, hassle free, and clearer. Even the snooze button looks more forgiving. Thanks to Dr. Reiser and the professional staff at Eye Care Specialists, every day is a bright, clear start!”

The Doc Show – FROGGY 101


“My overall experience and satisfaction with the refractive procedure at Eye Care Specialists was outstanding. Everyone was friendly, professional and excited about my procedure. I felt like I was the most important patient that day.

I met Dr. McGraw, felt very comfortable with him, made the decision to choose Eye Care Specialists for my refractive procedure much easier to make.

I’ve enjoyed the freedom of being free of contact lenses and glasses. It’s really the small stuff, waking up in the morning, driving with regular sunglasses, playing sports, and less eye fatigue being outdoors.

I would like to share with others how easy it is…the trust you can put in the doctors and staff, and for those who dream of being on the beach, swimming and being active without hassles!! Awesome!”

Richard Drust


Lasik Patient Testimonial Kingston, PA“Hi, Sue Barre from the Rocky and Sue show. Nice to see you!!! No really…nice to see you! That’s exactly what I’m saying after my LASIK surgery at Eye Care Specialists, 703 Rutter Avenue in Kingston. Those of you who know me, know that I’ve been wearing reading glasses, then mono contacts for the last few years and it’s a total pain.

I can never find my glasses, even though I must have 20 pair of drug store glasses, and contacts aren’t the easiest thing to deal with at 3 o’clock in the morning when I get up to do radio.

Sooooooo, I’ve been thinking of LASIK surgery and have talked to the experts at Eye Care Specialists, 703 Rutter Avenue in Kingston. We’ve spent literally hours talking and examining my eyes, talking about my mono vision, answering every question. Knowledgeable, patient…they’ve been great.

If you’ve been thinking about LASIK eye surgery, come to one of their free seminars, or schedule a free consultation. Ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to know about the procedure. Even if you know of someone who’s had it, talk to the experts, the doctors who actually do the procedure. If it’s cost you’re worried about, Eye Care Specialists will assist you in finding a way to afford the procedure.”

Sue Barre
The Rocky & Sue Show, 98.5 KRZ FM


“Since my early teens I have always worn glasses and contact lenses. Unfortunately, I would have recurring eye infections due to the contact lenses. Wearing glasses, especially as a teenager, made me self-conscious. As I grew older, I had acquired various allergies which also affected my eyes and more trouble wearing contact lenses.The caring optometrists tried various new state of the art contact lenses on the market to accommodate my allergies. Unfortunately, these lenses were not successful.

It came to the point I just gave up on wearing contact lenses except for a special event. Even after short hours at the event, I could not wait to get home to remove the contacts from my eyes.Traveling was a hassle with all the solutions and supplies, even prescription drops to use for my recurring allergies. I love to swim, hike with my dog, kayak, and jet ski, and trying to wear prescription sunglasses was not very easy.Ten years ago, I then thought of RK surgery, but I was not a good candidate.

Finally, after all those years passed and LASIK was introduced, I went for an evaluation by my Optometrist, Dr. Empfield, and Dr. McGraw (Ophthalmologist). They were able to show me what my true vision would be after the surgery.I finally took the leap and had LASIK in April of 2005. I am thrilled to say the next day I had better than 20/20 vision and better vision that ever with my glasses or contact lenses.

I would definitely recommend LASIK for anyone that chooses to get away from wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Thank you Dr. McGraw and the fine physicians and staff at EYE CARE SPECIALISTS.”

Jim Pugliese


“My overall experience and satisfaction with the refractive procedure at Eye Care Specialists was excellent!! The very next day I had 20/15 vision in both eyes! I knew I’d be able to see, but I had no idea I’d be able to see so well!

Actually, I did look into a few different places, but I chose Eye Care Specialists for my refractive procedure because I was impressed on how, even at a seminar where there were quite a few people, they still took the time to meet with you one on one.

Well, it’s only been a week so far since my refractive procedure, but already I don’t know what took me so long to make a decision about getting this procedure done. It was the best decision of my life!

I love my two (2) dogs and now when I get down on the floor with them I don’t have to worry about them knocking my glasses off and when I read in bed, I don’t have to worry about falling asleep with my glasses or contacts.”

Andrea Hindmarsh


“I have been postponing LASIK for years due to fear and uncertainty. After attending the free LASIK seminar, and brief one-on-one meeting with Dr. McGraw, my fears began to subside. One week later, my LASIK surgery was performed and I couldn’t be happier.

My final words, “Why did I wait so long, and why didn’t I get this done sooner?” Thank you!I have been a patient at Eye Care Specialists for many years, and I feel comfortable with the doctors and staff. In addition, would you trust your eyes to one of those other “chop-shop” discount refractive offices? I didn’t, and I am completely 100% satisfied!I have been wearing glasses since I was 11, and switched to contacts at 13. Now at “40” I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I travel extensively for work and pleasure, and now I do not have to pack my “survival kit” (regular contacts, disposable contacts for beach, cleaning drops, re-wetting drops, prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, regular sunglasses, scuba mask, prescription mask for diving, cases, drops, Visine, and more drops…Now I can pack in my purse…one pair of polarized sunglasses, and I never leave home without my “soothe” drops.

I can drive, fly, swim and snorkel from dusk to dawn without hesitation or chaos. Thank you, Dr. McGraw and everyone at Eye Care Specialists. You changed my life! LASIK has changed my life! Don’t be afraid due to “supposed horror stories!” Go to the seminar, get information, talk to other past patients, and ask questions, ask more questions, ask questions! Your eyes are the gateway for all your senses. Treat them well!”

Janet Koval


“If I knew my vision could have been perfect with a painless procedure like LASIK, I wouldn’t have waited so long to have the surgery. I have worn glasses/contacts for over fifteen (15) years and with my approaching marriage, I wanted to be able to walk down the aisle with no contacts or glasses bothering me and ruining my day.The procedure was fast and painless. I was able to see immediately (a little blurry), but after a few hours – Perfect Vision!

The staff was excellent and treated me very well. Dr. McGraw was very helpful and performed a successful surgery. I have had no problems and love my 20/15 vision.”

Jennifer Gallo


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