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The procedure to correct cataracts and install the ReSTOR® Lens is quite efficient and is done with little inconvenience. The Results are almost immediate and improvement is noticed each day! The Eye Surgeons and staff of Eye Care Specialists are uniformly competent, courteous, and helpful throughout the process.

Rev. Caferrelli


For the past two years my vision seemed to be worsening. I found it very difficult to drive at night. One time I found myself in the wrong lane. That was the end of my night driving. While I was taking a computer course, I realized I could not see the screen with my contacts in, my glasses on, or glasses off. I went to get my eyes checked and found out that I had cataracts.

An appointment was scheduled with Dr. Reiser. It was explained to me about the ReSTOR® lens. I also received literature.

On the day of my first surgery, I was a little nervous at first not knowing what to expect. The surgery felt incredibly simple and fast. I felt no discomfort at all – before, during and after. The second eye was done and I experienced the same results.

A month later, after the surgery, I can see so clearly. It is amazing. Everything is done with such ease like driving, seeing signs and reading. It really feels like a miracle – no glasses, no contacts.

MaryAnn Borys


For the past several years I would make my annual trip to the eye doctor, and every year I would ask the same question, “Am I a candidate for LASIK?” Always the same answer, “Maybe next year.”

So again I went to the eye doctor, but this time there was something new, Permanent Lens Replacement — Could this be it? Could I really do away with my glasses? “YES, YES WAS THE ANSWER!”

1) Is it expensive? If you add the cost of years of glasses, and office visits — NO!

2) Is it painful? Now that I’ve had it done, I can tell you, No!

From my first visit, I could tell that I had come to the right place — first class office, first class staff, first class doctors! I chose Eye Care Specialists for my refractive procedure because I was told by my family doctor that if I went anywhere else, he would not recommend it! The Refractive procedure has changed my life. Can you imagine not wearing glasses again? From work to play it has changed my life every day. I was surprised how fast and pain-free the procedure was, and the recovery time has been astonishing. If you really want to see both near and far without glasses, you should consider this procedure!

John McElroy (ReSTOR without cataracts)


My surgery occurred on April 17, 2006. I had a ReSTOR® lens placed in the right eye, after having a standard monofocal lens replacement (after cataract removal) in the left eye two years ago, giving me excellent far vision, but needing reading glasses for close work. My vision had deteriorated in the right eye over the past two years and when the opportunity came for the new lens replacement, I considered seriously having the new ReSTOR®. My only concern was the difference of the two lens types in the eyes. My fears were unfounded, however, and my new vision is remarkable, after only one week of recovery. My brain has adjusted to the difference, as Dr. Reiser said it should. I can read, see long distances, short distances and all in-between — perfectly! Without assistance! I would recommend the procedure unequivocally, and am very grateful to have had such a positive experience. I would be honored to speak to anyone concerning this experience.

Joan W. Martin


When Dr. Reiser first mentioned the new ReSTOR® lens to me, all I could hear was the $1,850 charge. I didn’t know, at that moment, whether I wanted it or not. On the way home in the car I thought, “You dummy – of course, you want it. Why wouldn’t you want one that made you see much better?”

I am so glad I did. I am not using my glasses now and I can see so good! It is wonderful.

Sandra Strauser


Having worn glasses continuously for many years, I cannot believe the success of the ReSTOR® process.

I currently am reading the smallest of print without glasses, driving without glasses, and seeing things very, very clearly. Not only were the cataracts removed, astigmatism corrected and vision corrected in a simple 10-15 minute procedure, but the professionalism exhibited by Dr. Reiser and his staff was unparalleled. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who qualifies!

John Wega


I am very pleased with my results of eye surgery. I would recommend that anyone who is in need of this type of care would strongly consider Dr. Reiser’s expert knowledge of eye care. This procedure is very simple and effective. I recommend Dr. very, very highly.

John A. Gimble


There’s nothing to it. Whites are white, colors crisp and clear. Driving at night was a problem, but now glare is gone. Absolutely thrilled! I Should have done it years ago. 20/30 corrected, 20/20 Right, 20/25 Both eyes uncorrected Yellow tint is gone. I can read!

William Wallick

I would recommend this surgery to anyone, especially if you are a younger person. I could not believe the differences in my reading ability the next day. After having both eyes done using the ReSTOR® lens, my reading ability is incredible. I am now able to read the smallest print on medicine bottles and reading materials. I would recommend this highly to anyone. The surgery takes about six (6) minutes and minimal discomfort for about three (3) hours.

Jayne Haefele


My quality of life has greatly improved since the ReSTOR® lens surgery. Prior to the surgery, I was wearing my glasses continuously. Since the surgery, I neither need nor have I worn glasses. My vision, both near and far, is better than it ever was! Night driving has improved from glaring headlights to just a halo effect and my intermediate vision (computer work) has also improved to where I can comfortably view the screen. Everyone involved in my care was professional, kind and considerate and made it a pleasant experience.

Miriam Cannon


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