Vision that goes beyond 20/20

CustomVue LASIK ScrantonImagine a quality of vision so crisp and clear, it’s like living in a world of hi-definition. A quality of vision impossible to achieve with prescription glasses or contact lenses. Vision that goes beyond 20/20. Today, Eye Care Specialists goes beyond the limits of glasses or contacts with CustomVue LASIK, the next generation procedure in laser vision correction.

Thanks to Custom LASIK, it’s now possible for many patients to achieve a quality of vision better than 20/20. New ‘WaveScan’ technology allows our doctors to capture unique imperfections in your vision that could not be previously detected. This information provides 25-times more precision than standard measurements for glasses or contacts.

Custom LASIK
Results of Clinical Studies on Custom LASIK Surgery
Iris Registration -- More Precise Treatment with Custom Wavefront
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