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When choosing a physician, it is very important to make an informed choice based on the training, qualifications, and experience of your physician. Our doctors are trained in today’s most advanced diagnostics, treatments, procedures, and equipment. Many of them are invited to participate in FDA studies as well as other evaluations of new products and procedures due to their extensive expertise. Our ophthalmologists are all board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.
We have the extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of refractive disorders. Our practice is made up of many specialists in all areas of ophthalmology so our patients can experience one-stop shopping. Our eye care professionals are young, aggressive and impressive.
Our practice is comprised of many different types of doctors with varying specialties. We have provided some information on the different types of doctors you will find at Eye Care Specialists.
What is an Ophthalmologist?
What Is an Optometrist?
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