Wavefront Diagnosis — Higher Order Aberrations

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Many people know that LASIK surgery can be used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism. But have you ever wondered how we are able to achieve such amazing improvements in your vision? The secret to getting the best possible results is to use the most advanced technology available during every aspect of your procedure.

At Eye Care Specialists, we use Wavefront diagnostic technology to provide a customized procedure that delivers the exceptional vision you desire. This technology, originally used by NASA, has dramatically improved the precision that can be achieved with LASIK.

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What Is Wavefront Diagnosis?

Wavefront diagnosis creates a 3D map of each eye. Since every eye is unique, no two Wavefront images are exactly alike. Wavefront diagnosis provides greater precision in vision correction and allows our LASIK surgeons to more effectively perform your procedure.

The 3D image of your eyes created during Wavefront diagnosis allows for a truly customized LASIK procedure. As a result, LASIK performed using Wavefront diagnosis can address irregularities in your vision (called aberrations) that could not be corrected with traditional LASIK technology.

Traditional LASIK can help improve your vision by correcting lower order aberrations such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. But only a Custom LASIK procedure using Wavefront diagnosis can address higher order aberrations as well.

Higher order aberrations are more complex vision errors that may impact the quality of what you see. Some common examples of higher order aberrations include:

  • Glare and halos around light sources

  • Starburst shapes around light sources

  • Double vision

  • Poor contrast sensitivity

Benefits of Wavefront Diagnosis

Wavefront LASIK technology doesn’t just impact how well you see, it also improves the way you see. When Wavefront diagnosis is used for your LASIK procedure, you will experience considerable improvement in your contrast sensitivity and the way you see fine details.

Other benefits of Wavefront diagnosis include:

  • Greater likelihood of achieving 20/20 vision or better

  • Reduced risk of LASIK complications

  • Clearer night vision

With Wavefront diagnosis, you can be confident that you will achieve the best results possible during your LASIK procedure.

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