Comprehensive Medical Services

At Eye Care Specialists, we are committed to caring for the health of all structures related to the eye. This includes the surrounding tissues, muscles, and structures such as the eyelids, tear ducts, and the orbit (bony socket encasing the eye). Several of our board certified ophthalmologists have undergone additional training in order to deliver these services to you.

This page will discuss the medical services we provide, but we recommend that you speak with us in person to determine whether one of these procedures will address your condition. Please call 1-877-489-7405 today to schedule your consultation at one of our Northeastern Pennsylvania offices.

Our doctors can treat a variety of medical conditions associated with the structures of your eye. Services offered include:

Corrective Plastic Surgery
Graves’ Eye Disease
Drooping Eyelids
Eyelid Laxity
Tear Duct Surgery
Eyelid Cancer Treatment
Blepharospasm Treatment
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