Don’t Let Age Keep You From Enjoying Clear Sight

One of the most common indicators that you are entering the “middle aged” phase of life is the need for reading glasses. The aging process impacts your eyes as well as the rest of your body. One of the most common age-related vision conditions affecting all people is called presbyopia. It results in a loss of near vision, and it generally develops after the age of 40 or 45. Presbyopia is a progressive condition and develops slowly over the course of time.

If you have enjoyed clear vision for your entire life, you may find this initial blurriness to be a bit odd. It will first become noticeable when viewing small objects up-close. Activities such as reading or sewing may become more difficult. You may even find yourself holding a book farther away in order to read it clearly. As the condition continues to develop, you may eventually need reading glasses in order to see clearly at close distances.

Causes of Presbyopia
Treatments for Presbyopia
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