Questions about LASIK

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What is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) is a laser vision correction procedure performed to improve refractive errors in vision such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism. During the procedure, a state-of-the-art excimer laser, which is designed for unprecedented precision, is used to reshape the cornea (surface of your eye) in order to improve your vision and reduce your dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

Am I a candidate for LASIK?

Ideal candidates for LASIK:

  • Are over the age of 18

  • Have experienced stable vision without any changes in prescription for at least one year prior to surgery

  • Have healthy eyes

  • Are not pregnant or nursing

  • Do not suffer from a degenerative or autoimmune disease

In addition, there are several factors which may impact your LASIK candidacy. Patients with very thin corneas, extremely strong prescriptions, or who suffer from dry eye syndrome may not be suitable candidates for the procedure. In these cases, a LASIK alternative procedure such as PRK may be recommended to help you improve your eyesight.

The best way to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for LASIK is to schedule a consultation at Eye Care Specialists. During your consultation, our experienced ophthalmologists will perform a thorough evaluation of your eyes to determine the best procedure for you.

Can I have LASIK performed on both eyes at once?

Yes. In fact, the vast majority of our LASIK patients have LASIK performed on both eyes during one procedure. This minimizes your recovery time, number of visits to our office, and time off work.

Does LASIK hurt?

No. Your LASIK procedure will be virtually painless. Our ophthalmologists will administer anesthetic eye drops before the procedure in order to ensure a comfortable experience. You may experience some mild discomfort or scratchiness in your eyes for several hours after the procedure. This is quite normal, and you should feel fine by the next morning.

How well will I see after LASIK?

It is reasonable to expect your vision to be comparable to what is with your current glasses or contact lens prescription. The the vast majority of patients do not require any corrective lenses after their procedure, and 20/20 vision or better is achieved by approximately 90% of LASIK patients.

However, it is important to understand that your results depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of your prescription prior to surgery. Patients with very strong prescriptions may still require glasses or contacts for actions such as driving or reading following LASIK. In addition, age-related conditions such as presbyopia may impact your vision down the road, causing you to need reading glasses.

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