Laser Cataract Surgery

Manual or Laser Cataract Surgery

Your Cataract Surgery Options: Blade vs. Laser

Manual Cataract Surgery: With manual, or basic, cataract surgery, our doctors will make a small incision with a blade to remove the cataract and insert your new lens. With our experienced surgeons, this procedure is effective with minimal recovery time.

We have successfully performed thousands of manual cataract procedures over the years. However, the options for gaining clear vision at a variety of distances are limited to this method.

Our doctors and staff will discuss which surgical option may be best suited for your particular vision, lifestyle and activities.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Eye Care Specialists is pleased to offer our patients a truly revolutionary and innovative alternative to manual cataract surgery…Laser Cataract Surgery. This technique allows our doctors to offer you more accuracy, precision, and peace of mind with a wider range of options for better vision, particularly when combined with Lifestyle Lenses.

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Cataract Surgery Step-By-Step

Step One: with traditional cataract surgery, your surgeon will create a micro-incision. With laser cataract surgery, an FDA-approved femtosecond laser can be used to make precise incisions into the cornea to reduce astigmatism and to perform the initial stages of the cataract procedure.

Step Two: Through the micro-incision, your surgeon will use an ultrasound probe to break up and remove the cloudy, cataract-affected lens.

Step Three: A new, clear lens will be gently inserted into the eye to replace the cloudy lens. that allows light to once again travel unimpeded to the back of your, allowing you to see properly.

You will return home and relax for the remainder of the day after your procedure. Most patients report improvement in their vision as soon as the next day and you’ll be able to resume most normal activities within just two or three days.

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