Dry Eye Treatment


Approved by the FDA, LipiFlow® is a treatment for dry eye that treats the cause – not just the symptoms – of dry eye for long term relief. LipiFlow® is an in-office, pain-free treatment with no down time. The treatment works by applying controlled, gentle heat and pressure to the upper and lower eyelids to release the eyes natural oils that are needed to keep the eye healthy and lubricated. Click here to learn more about LipiFlow® Treatment.

Prescription Therapy

There are many prescription eye drops, topical steroids and antibiotics that may be recommended to treat dry eye disease and inflammation, and even help increase natural tear production over time. The earlier these medications are used, and the more consistently you use them, the better the results.

Autologous Serum Tears may also be recommended. These are eye drops that are manufactured from the patient’s own blood serum to provide growth factors and other essential components that are present in natural tears, but may no longer be naturally produced by a patient suffering with dry eye disease.

Lid Hygiene

Doctor recommended lid and eyelash cleansers have shown to be effective in helping to control some of the causes of dry eye disease by safely cleansing the eye area of debris, allergens, makeup and microorganisms from eyelids and eyelashes. These products may include lid cleansing pads, wipes and tea tree oil scrubs.

Compresses & Masks

Warm compresses with microwaveable eye masks may be recommended to help unblock clogged oil glands in the eyelids to help reduce evaporation of the tear film. Moisture chamber masks/goggles are also available to shield your eyes from drafts, dust and low humidity to retain moisture.

Punctal Plugs

Tiny devices made of collagen or silicone are inserted into the tear ducts to prevent drainage of tears and to help keep the eyes naturally lubricated.

Demodex Treatments

By completely removing exotoxin-laden biofilm along the lid margin, your doctor can help you avoid long term inflammatory damage to your tear glands, helping to control or prevent chronic dry eye syndrome. Tea tree oil scrubs are often recommended to treat Demodex.


LACRISERT® is usually a once-daily medication insert that is placed in your eye that slowly melts and releases lubrication. This is usually effective in providing all-day lubrication and symptom relief. Some patients may require twice daily for optimal results.

Scleral Lenses

Scleral Lenses are a special type large diameter contact lenses that are used in conjunction with other dry eye therapies to promote healing, and provide lubrication to the eye, while also protecting the eye from the environment. The large diameter lenses maintain a tear prism between the lens and cornea to keep the eye bathed in non-preserved saline while in use.

Amniotic Membrane Placement

Amniotic membranes may be used in conjunction with other dry eye therapies as a therapeutic “bandage” to promote healing of the surface of the eye. The amniotic membrane suppresses inflammation and has anti-microbial and anti-scarring properties to help restore healthy surface layers of the eye to help aid in creating a stable tear film.