Eye Care Specialists only uses first quality lenses from the world’s largest manufacturers, Essilor and Zeiss. We pride ourselves on never using lower quality lens materials. Lens coatings and treatments that can reduce glare, reduce scratching, and resist dirt are applied by the manufacturers under optimum conditions so that your lenses will perform at their best. Our lenses are made by the world’s leading lens companies and we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology and products that can transform the way you view your world.

Eyeglasses available at the Eye Care Specialists

Making the Decision

We begin with your prescription and your unique needs. Whether you spend your day on a computer on a job site or relaxing at home, our staff will be able to assist you with a lens selection that will help you see your best. Our trained certified opticians will make sure that your eyeglasses are correctly sized and adjusted to the shape of your face. Adjustments and repairs are available at any of our offices if needed.