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Category: Blog

The Best Time for LASIK Surgery

For those with vision problems, LASIK seems like a no-brainer – like a dream come true. (And for those who have had LASIK surgery, it is!) However, there are many factors to consider before choosing LASIK, as this surgery is not the right option for everyone. To understand when the best time for LASIK is,… Read More

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams: Prevention and Awareness

When it comes to pediatric healthcare, parents almost always have a pediatrician and dentist in mind (sometimes even in their speed dial). However, growing children need thorough, comprehensive care for every aspect of their health – including their eyes. Eye care is usually overlooked in pediatric medicine because parents can be unaware of the importance… Read More

How Long Do LASIK Results Last?

Today, our generation happily coexists with technology. It comes as no surprise that technology has become deeply ingrained in our daily lives, with the use of cell phones, appliances and modern medicine. All of this technology is designed to make our lives easier and more fulfilled. We can also express the same sentiment when it… Read More

Lutein and Zeaxanthin: How It Might Benefit You

Eye nutrition is becoming a growing concern for many people, particularly those who share concerns of developing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It has been suggested by many studies that eating certain foods can help to reduce strain on your eyes and potentially even reduce your risks of developing age-related eye diseases. There are… Read More

Wavefront Diagnosis

Before it was used in LASIK eye surgery, astronomers used Wavefront technology to adjust telescope optics by eliminating irregularities (technically called “aberrations”) caused by the Earth’s atmosphere. We use this same powerful technology to map the hundreds of unique, microscopic aberrations in your own eyes, enabling the Excimer laser to effectively target and correct each… Read More

LASIK Alternatives

LASIK is capable of treating a wide range of refractive errors, providing patients with outstanding vision and a reduced dependence on glasses and contact lenses. However, it may not be right for everyone. If your corneas are too thin to safely create a LASIK flap, our eye doctors may recommend an alternative procedure instead, such… Read More

Is LASIK Right for Me?

Scranton-area patients who want to finally address their long-standing vision issues should ask the doctors at the Eye Care Specialists about LASIK surgery. With LASIK, we can give you crystal clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts.   However, not all Scranton-area residents with vision problems are good LASIK candidates. Our doctors will… Read More

Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a common age-related vision condition impacting many seniors throughout the Scranton and Kingston areas. The clouded vision caused by cataracts can make driving at night very difficult and over time, it may eventually lead to blindness. Fortunately, cataract surgery provides you with a safe and effective way to restore clear vision. At Eye… Read More

How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

Before our Scranton-area patients undergo cataract surgery at the offices of the Eye Care Specialists, we give them specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. Every patient is unique, and so is every cataract surgery. Our doctors will have a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.   Still, there are a… Read More

Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

If you are tired of the hassles associated with glasses and contact lenses, then you may want to consider LASIK surgery. LASIK corrects refractive errors in vision such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by using a laser to reshape your cornea. The procedure can have life-changing benefits. Enjoy traveling without a bag full of bulky… Read More

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