Is It Time For New Glasses?

Lady Wearing New Glasses

Like anything else that you own, glasses are susceptible to wear and tear. This means that they will need replacing at some point.

Not sure if it’s time for new glasses? Keep reading for signs you need to schedule an eye exam at Eye Care Specialists in the Wilkes Barre area!

Blurry Vision

This is a little bit of a no brainer. Glasses that seem worn out or scratched aren’t helping you see clearly. This is because glasses help bend light into your eyes so the light focuses correctly.

As a result, any scratches on the surface of the lens can make light refract wildly. Your vision can also change because of hormones or aging.

Frequent Squinting

If you are having difficulty seeing even while wearing your glasses, you may squint. The reason we squint to see more clearly is that we are limiting the amount of light coming into our eyes.

By squinting, you create a pinhole to look through. The unfocused light is then blocked from reaching the retina completely. If you have the right prescription, there is no reason for you to be squinting while wearing your glasses!

Tired Eyes

All that squinting and struggling to see can create stress on your eyes. If you notice that your eyes are more tired than normal, or they are hard to keep open, see your eye doctor.

Tired or stressed out eyes can lead to other eye problems if they are not taken care of promptly.

Random Headaches

Blurry vision doesn’t only strain your eyes. You may also be experiencing painful headaches. In fact, this may be one of the first noticeable symptoms you get from an incorrect prescription.

This is because your brain tries to compensate for bad vision, and it isn’t very good at it. Trying to compensate the whole time your eyes are open is exhausting!

This tires out your eyes, and your brain. This is a one-way track to constant headaches and is uncomfortable.

Noticeable Lens Damage

It can be easy to overlook something that’s right in front of your face. Even though your glasses are on your face, it’s easy to not see when they are in bad shape.

Glasses are not invincible, meaning that lens damage can shorten their lifespan. If you suspect your glasses have suffered damage, take an outside look.

Keep an eye out for scratches or any frame damage that sticks out. If your vision is too bad to see without your glasses, ask a friend to check for you. If there’s noticeable lens damage, it’s time to set up an appointment for new glasses.

Your Frames Are Out Of Style

Sometimes you need a change of pace. There’s no harm in updating your frames from time to time. After all, glasses shouldn’t only be functional, they should make you feel good too!

There are frames of all different shapes and sizes to choose from, so come in today and see what style best suits you! Having glasses can seem like the least fashionable accessory ever, but they don’t have to be. After all, who said you can’t own more than one pair?

Ready to get new glasses and up your style game? Schedule an appointment with Eye Care Specialists in Northeastern Pennsylvania today!