3 Fall Activities That Are More Fun After LASIK

Enjoying LASIK Procedure

Now that October is here, fall is in full swing. That means changing leaves, spooky decorations, and pumpkin flavored everything! It also means that it is a perfect time to have better vision.

There are so many amazing things to do in autumn that are even better after LASIK! Check out these 3 reasons why fall is better after receiving LASIK!

Football Season

Whether you are playing or watching, LASIK can make football so much more enjoyable. Playing, in particular, is way more fun without glasses or contacts.

With the colder air, glasses can fog up once you start to heat up. Having to remove your glasses all day while you’re trying to have a good time? No thanks.

Playing football and glasses just don’t mix. Do you really want to risk your glasses falling off your face? Or worse, worry about them breaking? Think of all the fun you could have when you play football after LASIK!

Contacts aren’t much better. Contacts are a temporary solution to your vision problems. They are not perfect. A contact could fall out of your eye if it’s too dry.

You could try to play seeing out of one eye, or look for the lost one. It’s a hassle to have to carry spares everywhere you go. If you forget them, there goes your vision! LASIK will help you play better and allow you to enjoy your time easier.

Leaf Peeping Trips

Fancy a trip to Vermont or Maine to see the amazing orange and red colors of the forests during autumn? You’re bound to see breathtaking views wherever you go in the Northeast. Autumn in New England is the best!

If you’re planning anything longer than a day, don’t forget to pack. Forgetting your glasses, spare contacts, or contact solution can ruin your whole trip. If you lose or break whatever it is you’re using to see, then you will lose out on some of your precious vacation time.

You can be sure that your vision is with you 24/7 after getting LASIK. Say goodbye to waking up unable to see every morning and hello to clear vision every day!

Brisk Morning Walks

Autumn or fall is a great time to spend extra time outdoors. You don’t have to go very far to enjoy a fall hike! If you wear contacts, this could become a problem.

There’s plenty of allergens in the air that could irritate your eyes. If you already wear contacts, your eyes are more likely to get aggravated by contaminants in the air.

While LASIK cannot stop dry eyes or your allergies, it can make using eye drops easier. It’s a lot simpler to put in artificial tears when you don’t have glasses or contacts. LASIK can improve your life by making small tasks easier than ever before. Save yourself time and frustration, thanks to LASIK!

The first step towards LASIK is setting up a consultation. Contact Eyecare Specialists in Kingston, PA today! Aren’t you ready to see the world clearly today?