3 Signs You Should Think About Lip Enhancements

Cosmetic surgery is a great way to enhance your looks and help you increase your confidence. There are many different types of cosmetic surgery to choose from to best accomplish your cosmetic goals.

Lip enhancements, of course, focus on your mouth and lips in particular. Many people decide to give lip enhancements a try for different reasons. 

Keep reading to learn three signs you should think about lip enhancements!

Your Lips are Thin, and It is Affecting Your Confidence

Everyone’s body is different. Lip thickness is no exception. 

Many people consider full, voluminous lips desirable these days. Due to this, those with thin lips may suffer from a lack of confidence. 

A lip lift is a simple solution to thin lips. It is a fast procedure yet very effective. 

First, your cosmetic specialist will make a small incision just below your nose, and then they will remove a very thin strip of skin. They will then use sutures to close the incision. 

The removal site is carefully marked before the surgery, so the shape and size of the incision will be correct. It is done in-office and under local anesthesia, so you will not feel pain and can go home afterward.          

Your Lips are Starting to Show Signs of Aging

Age affects just about every part of your body. The upper lip can begin to stretch and become longer, making the entire lip roll forward. 

This hides the red part of the lip, making it appear thinner. In addition, as gravity pulls on the lip, your upper teeth can become hidden. 

You may be concerned about being able to recover from a lip lift. The surgery is basic, so recovery is relatively easy and quick. 

Typically, your cosmetic surgeon can remove the sutures within a few days. You may experience swelling over the course of a few days, which is normal. 

As long as you take care of yourself, healing should only take two or three weeks. Cleaning the incision, using antibiotic ointment, and avoiding risky activities are all of the maintenance you will need to do. 

You may have a scar after the surgery, but it should fade over the year. You will likely need to return to visit your cosmetic surgeon to ensure that you are healing properly from the procedure.    

You Want Even Fuller Lips

You may already have full lips but still desire a boost to give them some volume. Lip lifts are not the only way to achieve this. 

A Permalip Implant augments your lips permanently. You will not need expensive and inconvenient injections regularly to maintain your lip volume. 

It is made of solid silicone elastomer and makes your lips look smooth and full without looking unnatural. The implant will not rupture or leak and is removable if you are unsatisfied with the look.

You may need a combination of procedures that work together to get the best results. This can include microneedling, laser treatments, and high-tier skincare products. 

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