3 Reasons to Consider a Premium Lens Before Surgery with the Best Cataract Surgeon in Kingston

The only way to get rid of cataracts is to replace the lens inside your eye during cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, your eye doctor will remove your natural lens where the cataract is and replace it with an IOL, which stands for intraocular lens. 

Before cataract surgery, your eye doctor will help you determine between a standard or premium IOL. A standard IOL allows you to see clearly only at one distance.

With modern technology, you can now invest in premium IOLs, which can be life-changing. Keep reading to learn three reasons to consider a premium lens before cataract surgery with the best cataract surgeon in Kingston!

1. Be Less Dependent on Glasses

Glasses and contact lenses are necessary for many people to be able to see the world clearly. However, they can get in the way of certain activities and can be a burden to many people.

If you wear glasses, you always need them with you. They are also fragile, easy to lose, and generally inconvenient. 

Contact lenses are able to accomplish what glasses do while being virtually invisible, but they have a lot of downsides as well. They need to be replaced often, which gets expensive. 

They are also small and clear, so they are even easier to lose than glasses. Contact lenses need to be soaked in a solution to keep them in working condition. 

Investing in a premium lens allows you to reduce your dependency on glasses and contact lenses after cataract surgery. 

2. Live an Active Lifestyle

When you are less dependent on glasses, it is easier to stay active. Glasses fog up from sweat, making it hard to see. 

They can also fall off your face or become uncomfortable when running. Worst of all, you might lose out on experiences out of fear of damaging or losing your glasses. 

Swimming, for example, becomes a risk to your sight when you have to rely on glasses and contact lenses. Premium lenses help reduce these worries.

If you choose a standard IOL, it is much more likely that you will need to rely on visual aids for certain activities. With a premium IOL, you will be able to experience greater visual freedom with less reliance on visual aids.

To help you choose, your eye doctor will ask you to consider different factors like your budget, hobbies and lifestyle.

3. Correct Vision Problems You Had Before Cataracts 

Many people who choose a premium IOL to replace their natural lenses during cataract surgery can reduce their dependency on visual aids after the procedure. This includes patients that required glasses before they ever developed cataracts.

A premium IOL can correct not only the unwanted visual symptoms caused by cataracts but also presbyopia and other natural refractive errors. This means if you have needed visual aids to see during your life, a premium IOL may be your chance to experience visual freedom.

Still don’t know what kind of IOL is best for you? Schedule a cataract evaluation at Eye Care Specialists in Scranton, PA, to get professional insight and ask questions!