How to Instill Eye Drops Like a Pro for Glaucoma Treatment

Prescription eye drops are the most common treatment for glaucoma. They work by lowering intraocular pressure, which can prevent damage to the optic nerve.

While these drops can’t restore vision already lost, they can help prevent further damage to the optic nerve, preserving your remaining vision. Applying your glaucoma drops correctly is critical to protecting your sight and preventing permanent vision loss.

Keep reading to learn more about how to apply your glaucoma eye drops like a pro!

How to Administer Eye Drops Correctly 

Here are tips on how to properly put in your glaucoma eye drops for maximum effect:

Read the Instructions 

Always start by carefully reading your eye doctor’s instructions on the eye drop bottles. That way, you know exactly how and when to apply them. 

Different eye drops could have different dosing instructions. Take note of the recommended frequency, dosage, and storage instructions to get the most out of your glaucoma drops.

Get Ready

The next step is to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water for at least twenty seconds. Don’t forget to wash in between your fingers. 

Dry your hands with a clean towel. Your eyes are very sensitive and prone to infection. 

So, it’s important to take precautions to keep them safe. Next, shake the bottle well, and then open the cap. 

Place the cap on a surface like a fresh tissue or paper towel to keep it clean. Avoid touching the tip to prevent contamination.

If you do, the dropper might collect germs from your hands and contaminate your eye drops. In case you accidentally touch the dropper, use a rubbing alcohol pad or clean tissue to clean the bottle top.

Create a Pocket

If you have great balance and don’t have neck issues, tilt your head up while standing. Another option is to stand in front of your mirror to help you see where the drops fall.

You can also apply your drops while seated with your head tilted back toward your ceiling. Then, use the index finger of your non-dominant hand to carefully pull down your lower lid and create a pocket or pouch.

The pocket will hold the drops, preventing them from spilling out. Look at something above you. Focusing on one spot helps prevent blinking while applying your drops.

With your dominant hand, hold and position the bottle downward, directly over the small pouch. If you require more support, you can rest the hand holding the bottle on your forehead.

Instill the Drops

Then, squeeze the bottle gently with your free hand to release only one drop into the pocket. Be careful not to touch any part of your eye, including your eyelids and eyelashes, to the tip of the bottle. 

Touching can transfer bacteria from your eye to the bottle, which may contaminate the drops. With your head still tilted back, release your lower lid and blink a few times to spread the drop in your eye. 

Close your eyes. Then, place your index finger on the inner part of your eye where your eyelid meets your nose and press gently for two full minutes.

This blocks your tear ducts, which prevents the drop from draining from your eye and getting into your throat, enhancing the effectiveness of the medication. With each use, replace the caps on the bottles right away, as open bottles are easily contaminated.

Take Your Time

Drops shouldn’t be applied too fast. If you’re instilling multiple eye drops, space them out to allow the first drop to be properly absorbed and prevent it from being washed out by the second drop. 

Besides, only one drop at a time can fit properly into the pocket. Therefore, the other drops will roll down your face. 

Wait for about five to ten minutes between each drop. Repeat the same process with your other eye.

Tips for Applying Eye Drops When You’re Too Anxious

Does the thought of drops landing on the surface of your eyes make you feel too nervous? If you dread instilling eye drops, this alternative method may be helpful.

Follow these steps:

  • Wash your face to get rid of any dirt
  • Lie on your couch or bed with your head tilted far back
  • Close your eyes 
  • Hold the eye drop bottle using your first two fingers and thumb
  • Place your other two fingers on your nose for stability
  • Put a single drop in the corner of your eye just next to your nose
  • Remember not to let the tip touch your fingers or any part of your eye in the process
  • With your head still tilted back, open your eyes and blink a few times. 

As you blink, the drop will simply roll into your eye. If you still find it hard to apply eye drops correctly, you can ask a family member or friend to put drops in your eyes using the alternative method.  

Protect Your Sight from Glaucoma

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