3 Signs You Can Handle Getting LASIK

Woman with eyeglasses considering LASIK

LASIK is a procedure that happens to be as safe as it is fast, and the best part is: it works. But it is still a surgery, which means you need to take it seriously.

Not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK, and to find out if you are, you will need to attend a consultation. Schedule yours now with Eyecare Specialists!

Here are some of the things our doctors will be looking for so that you can experience the best LASIK procedure possible.

You Are Healthy

Both your current state of health and medical history matter if you are considering LASIK. Your eyes, in particular, will need to be free of infection or diseases.

After the surgery, you will need time to recover, during which your eyes will be at risk of damage. If you already have conditions like dry eye or have scarring, recovery will be more difficult. Conditions like dry eye need to be under control before you can undergo LASIK safely.

Your corneas also need to have enough tissue for the surgeon to work with. The basic concept of LASIK is to reshape the cornea.

If your corneas are too thin, removing tissue during the procedure becomes dangerous. People with thin corneas will need to seek alternative treatment.

Your general health is as important as your eye health. Diseases or disorders that compromise your immune system will prevent you from getting LASIK.

Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren’s syndrome, and HIV/AIDS are examples of issues that could make you a bad candidate.

Your Vision is Stable

A consistent prescription is a good indicator that you may be eligible for LASIK. You need to have stable vision for at least a year before you can schedule a LASIK procedure.

You must also be at least 18 years old to receive LASIK. Growth hormones can affect your vision, causing it to fluctuate unpredictably.

Pregnancy hormones can also have this effect. Expect to have to wait for a few months after you have finished nursing before you can get LASIK.

You Have the Right Mindset

It is important to remember that you have to work with the doctor as a team to have the best LASIK outcome possible. This means following instructions before, during, and after the surgery.

You also need to have realistic expectations in mind for the surgery results. LASIK has an incredible success rate.

Most people are overwhelmingly excited about the results they get. But LASIK is not a guarantee that you will be completely free from glasses.

Most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better after the procedure! You need to know that you may not end up with perfect vision after the procedure.

Alternatives to LASIK

If LASIK is not right for you, but you still want to ditch your glasses, you may be eligible for a different surgery. During your consultation, ask about other procedures like PRK, refractive lens exchange, and implantable contact lenses.

These can help you achieve vision correction even if LASIK isn’t the right procedure for you.

Ready to explore your vision correction options? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Eyecare Specialists in Berwick, PA now!