Tired of Contacts? Why Not Consider LASIK Instead?

Many people choose to wear contact lenses as an alternative to glasses. This can be done for cosmetic reasons or to combat the inconveniences of bulky glasses.

Contacts are invisible, so you don’t need to have frames covering your face and changing your style. However, contacts have problems of their own. 

That’s why millions of people are choosing LASIK instead. Keep reading to learn why you should consider LASIK if you’re tired of contact lenses!

Problem #1: Contact Lenses Can Be Uncomfortable

Contacts fit directly onto the cornea of your eye. People typically get used to the sensation after a while, but not always. 

In some cases, contact lenses can dry out and become irritating and uncomfortable throughout the day.

How LASIK Solves it

After a successful LASIK procedure, you won’t need to use contacts to see clearly. The main reason many people are attracted to LASIK is that it can provide visual freedom and reduce dependency on contact lenses. 

Problem #2: Contact Lenses Can Be Expensive

Contacts are not like glasses. You can’t use the same pair for years at a time. 

While monthly varieties exist, most contacts need to be replaced every day. This is a constant financial burden, and you also need to pay for contact solutions and cases. 

How LASIK Solves it

It’s no surprise that LASIK is expensive. After all, the eye doctors at Eye Care Specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to keep you safe. 

The upside is that the treatment lasts a lifetime. That means LASIK eventually pays for itself. The sooner you invest, the better the return!   

Problem #3: Contact Lenses Can Cause Eye Infections

Since contact lenses rest on your eyes and you have to take them in and out every day, there are numerous opportunities to introduce bacteria into your eyes. Forget to wash your hands or keep your contacts in too long; you could end up fighting an eye infection.  

How LASIK Solves it

Once you get LASIK, you won’t need to put anything in your eyes except eye drops occasionally. This keeps your vision safer and clearer.  

Problem #4: Contacts Take Time to Put In

Waking up every morning to blurry vision can make you groggy. Fumbling around with your contacts just so you can see right is no way to start your day. 

How LASIK Solves it

Vision after LASIK is clear from the moment you wake up until you go back to bed. Having your eyesight always available is convenient and will make you feel more secure.    

Problem #5: Contacts Get In the Way of Allergy Relief

If you suffer from allergies, then you likely use eye drops to manage symptoms. However, contacts can get in the way. 

To maximize relief, you need to remove your contacts, clean them off, apply the eye drops, and then put your contacts back in. It is simply inconvenient and time-consuming. 

How LASIK Solves it

With no contacts to get in the way, you can deal with your allergies immediately. 

Plan your LASIK procedure today by setting up a consultation. It’s never too late to get started!   

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