How Do I Know If Blepharoplasty is a Good Fit?

Your skin will naturally change as you age. Due to this, your skin may begin to droop, sag, and collect fat in places it didn’t before. 

The skin around the eyes is no exception to these changes. Bags under the eyes and heavy eyelids can make you look exhausted and older than you actually are.

Blepharoplasty is a great way to reclaim a youthful appearance by restoring your eyelids to a more lifted position. Blepharoplasty is a short procedure that can have lasting effects. 

It might even help you see better if the sagging skin is hanging in front of your eyes. Keep reading to learn how to know if blepharoplasty is a good fit!

What Is Blepharoplasty?

During the blepharoplasty procedure, your eye surgeon removes fat and excess tissue from the problem areas, tightens the muscles, and restores your eyelid to a lifted position. The procedure usually takes less than two hours to perform, depending on each specific situation.

Blepharoplasty can be performed on both the lower lid and the upper lid. During an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, the eye surgeon will make incisions along the eyelid’s natural crease. 

This positioning helps hide any scarring that might happen as it heals. For a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, the incision is often made inside the eyelid.

In either case, you won’t have to worry about scars affecting your results! Before you can schedule the blepharoplasty procedure, you will first need to qualify as a candidate for the procedure.

During your blepharoplasty consultation, your eye doctor will ask you about any medications you are currently taking, whether or not you have had previous eye surgery or if you have a history of any eye conditions.

After an eye exam, your eye doctor will tell you whether or not they believe blepharoplasty will accomplish your goals.

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What Is Recovering From Blepharoplasty Like?

The blepharoplasty procedure is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to go home the same day. Your eye doctor will give you a list of instructions to follow to help your eyes heal and prevent any complications.

Bruising and swelling around the incisions are very common but should last less than a week. You may notice other symptoms like blurry vision, sensitivity to light, or some discomfort, but these symptoms should be mild and brief. 

You’ll likely be able to go back to work within three days after the surgery. Your eye doctor may recommend using ice packs to control the swelling. Use them as often as possible for the first night and then just a few times per day until the swelling goes down. 

During this time, you will need to be very careful. Strenuous activity or even rubbing your eyes can reopen the incisions and cause complications in the healing process. 

Your body will need time to heal before you can get back to exercising. Before you know it, your eyelids will heal, and you will have lifted eyelids.

Blepharoplasty is a great way to rejuvenate your look! 

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