How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

Before our Scranton-area patients undergo cataract surgery at the offices of the Eye Care Specialists, we give them specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure. Every patient is unique, and so is every cataract surgery. Our doctors will have a plan that is tailored to your specific needs.


Still, there are a few commonalities to most of our procedures. Before they undergo laser cataract surgery, most patients:


  • Should stop taking medications that can increase bleeding during your cataract surgery. Our doctor will tell you if any of your medications pose this sort of danger.
  • Will need to fast before cataract surgery. This usually entails going about 12 hours without food or drink before your procedure.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol 24 hours before the procedure.
  • Should arrange to have someone drive them home after the procedure.
  • Arrange some time off work or school.
  • Shower and wash your hair before the procedure and wear comfortable clothes


Cataract surgery is a commonly performed procedure with an excellent safety record. You should come in to your procedure relaxed and feeling comfortable with your choice.


If you live in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area and you want to discuss cataract surgery, please contact Eye Care Specialists today.