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Will I Need to Wear Special Eyewear After Cataract Surgery?

Do you need cataract surgery? Have you been thinking about what happens after your cataract procedure?  Cataract surgery not only restores clear vision but also significantly improves your quality of life. In order to ensure a smooth recovery, it’s essential to follow several recommended guidelines.  Keep reading to learn more about what kind of eyewear… Read More

6 Signs It May Be Time For Cataract Surgery

Being diagnosed with a cataract does not necessarily mean you need cataract surgery right away. Cataracts develop slowly, often over a period of years, with symptoms developing slowly too. When the cataract is still small, you may not have many noticeable symptoms or any at all. This is why some people with early-stage cataracts are… Read More

How Often Should I Have My Eyes Checked for Cataracts?

Cataracts are a very common eye condition typically associated with aging. Although cataracts can cause significant visual decline if left untreated, cataract surgery can restore your vision and allow you to see clearly once again. Through regular eye exams, your eye doctor will be able to monitor your cataracts and determine when is the best… Read More

Is Dry Eye a Symptom of Cataracts?

Are you experiencing symptoms of cataracts or dry eye syndrome? If you have already been diagnosed with cataracts, you may be questioning if they can lead to dry eyes. Keep reading to learn if dry eye is a symptom of cataracts! What Are Cataracts? Cataracts are a natural part of the aging process that causes… Read More

What is the Difference Between a Standard IOL and a Premium IOL?

A very important part of preparing for cataract surgery is selecting the best IOL based on your vision goals, lifestyle, and budget. The IOL you choose will shape your vision’s potential after cataract surgery.  Choosing between a standard or a premium IOL is a good place to start. At Eye Care Specialists, your eye doctor… Read More

3 Reasons to Consider a Premium Lens Before Surgery with the Best Cataract Surgeon in Kingston

The only way to get rid of cataracts is to replace the lens inside your eye during cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, your eye doctor will remove your natural lens where the cataract is and replace it with an IOL, which stands for intraocular lens.  Before cataract surgery, your eye doctor will help you determine… Read More

How Do I Choose a Lifestyle Lens Before Cataract Surgery?

Choosing the right IOL for your lifestyle is essential. Your IOL will determine how you see after your cataract surgery.  Making the best investment in your vision begins with research. Keep reading to learn how to choose a lifestyle lens before cataract surgery! Know the Options You can’t make an accurate choice without knowing what… Read More

Are There Signs That I Need to Have Cataract Surgery?

Getting older comes with many physical changes. Your eyes are especially vulnerable to aging, and many processes have to work efficiently to produce quality vision.  One problem you will likely face at some point in your life is cataracts. Everyone has lenses inside of their eyes that make vision possible.  These lenses are clear when… Read More

How Do I Know If I Have Cataracts?

Cataracts are a common occurrence due to aging. Most people will experience them at some point in their lives. But they develop slowly, usually over decades, and it can be hard to tell if you have them or not. Keep reading to learn more about cataracts and find out how to know if you have… Read More

Is A Lifestyle Lens the Right Choice For You?

Cataract surgery is an exciting event in your life. If your eye doctor recommends you have it, that means cataracts are impacting your daily life. Getting cataract surgery is exciting because it will give you your eyesight back! It is likely difficult to see when it’s time for cataracts to come out, and cataract surgery… Read More