7 Spring Eye Care Tips To Try

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The weather is getting warmer and that means people want to spend more time outside. It’s never too late to start thinking about your eye care. Keep reading for 7 easy spring eye care tips to try!

1. Use These 4 Methods to Prevent Allergies

Spring always brings surprises. What’s not surprising though, is the runny nose, itchy skin, and irritated eyes.

Suffering from allergies can cause some serious pain, so to avoid it try doing the following:

1. Check the pollen count before going outside.

Pollen is a common allergen that can be the cause of some very itchy eyes.

When the pollen count is high, stay indoors. Usually, pollen counts will peak in the early morning and at dusk, so plan for that when you do spend time outside.

2. Clean your home often using damp cloths. Using a wet towel in place of a dry duster or even a vacuum will force allergens to cling to the cloth instead of becoming airborne. If you’re someone that suffers from allergies, this can make a big difference!

3. Keep your windows closed when possible. Preventing outside allergens from entering your house in the first place is a no brainer.

4. Buy and install an air purifier. These devices actively filter the air in your house. Any allergens that make their way into your home can be caught before they reach your eyes and cause irritation.

2. Change the Way You Use Eye Drops

You have likely used eye drops before, but you may not be using them the right way. The right way is actually pretty easy as well!

Many people lean their head back and squeeze the contents of the bottle into their eye. You might get some liquid in, but it’s not very effective.

First, make sure everything is clean, including your hands and the applicator itself. After removing the cap, make sure nothing comes into contact with the tip of the applicator.

Using your non-dominant hand, place your finger on the lower lid of the desired eye. Pull the lid down, creating a pocket.

Tilt your head up and aim the eye drops at the pocket, instead of right into your eye. Apply one drop at a time, allowing some time to blink and allow the drop to work its way around your eye.

If you apply too much, the liquid will overflow. This could potentially cause irritants to flow back into your eye from your lashes and eyelids.

Dry the surrounding area with a paper towel by gently dabbing it. Replace the cap of the applicator, again making sure it does not come into contact with anything.

You can use high viscosity eye drops for long-lasting relief. Know that if you use these kinds of drops, your vision may be blurry for a few minutes.

You can also use low viscosity eye drops for fast but short term relief. What kind of eye drops you use should depend on the severity of your dry eye symptoms.

3. Set Up an Appointment

Regular eye appointments are vital if you want to maintain good vision health. Can’t remember the last time you saw your eye doctor?

That’s usually a good sign that it’s been too long since your last appointment! Schedule one now at Eye Care Specialists in Kingston, PA, and make your vision a priority!

By following these easy eye care tips, your eyes will be in great shape every season of the year!