6 Ways Refractive Surgery Can Change Your Life

Glasses and contact lenses make your world clearer. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, LASIK , PRK or EVO ICL may be an excellent option for you.

Refractive surgery is designed to reduce or eliminate your dependence on visual aids by correcting farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. With LASIK, PRK or EVO ICL, you can swim, workout, play golf, and perform many other activities without needing contacts or glasses.

Keep reading to learn more about refractive surgery, including six reasons why it’s a life-changing procedure!

1. Visual Freedom

One of the biggest ways a refractive procedure like LASIK, PRK and the EVO ICL can change your life is by giving you visual freedom. For years, you’ve been dependent on glasses or contacts just to get through your day and see things clearly. 

You’ve had to deal with the hassle of glasses fogging up, getting smudges that blur your vision, or contacts drying out and becoming uncomfortable. After refractive surgery, you can say goodbye to all those annoyances. 

Suddenly, you’ll be able to see the world clearly the moment you wake up in the morning. No more scrambling to put in contacts or find your glasses. 

You’ll regain the visual freedom you had as a kid, being able to swim, play sports, and go about your daily life without vision correction aids getting in the way. Waking up and being able to see the clock, check your phone, or look out the window clearly without fumbling for glasses will feel amazing. 

The visual liberation these procedures can provide can really change your mornings and daily life for the better.

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2. Reduced Eye Irritation

Contact lenses can be super convenient, which is why some people choose them over glasses. However, they could be responsible for your eye irritation woes.

You may have contact lens irritation if your eyes are often sore, dry, or red after wearing contacts. Other bothersome symptoms of irritation include blurred vision and a feeling as if there’s something in your eye.

Contact lens irritation can range from mild to severe. There are several reasons why you could be suffering from contact lens irritation, such as dry eyes and allergies.

Dry Eyes

The cornea is the transparent tissue at the front of the eye. It’s the only part of your body that receives oxygen directly from the air. 

Because contacts can partially block oxygen from getting to your eye, your eyes may feel dry and irritated.


Contacts tend to cause problems for people with seasonal allergies. Your eyes may hurt and become irritated as environmental allergens like dust, pollen, and pet dander collect under your contact lenses. You could also be allergic to your contacts. 

If your contacts are giving you a hard time, refractive surgery can help. Refractive surgery allows you to see clearly without contact lenses, ending the misery of allergies and irritation. 

If you have dry eyes, you’ll need to hold off refractive surgery until your condition is under control. 

3. Increased Confidence

Looking good can make you feel good about yourself. Not everyone likes how they look in glasses for different reasons.

If you don’t feel confident whenever you wear your glasses, refractive surgery like LASIK or PRK can provide the perfect solution. The laser vision correction procedure increases your independence from prescription lenses. 

Greater freedom from glasses can send your confidence through the roof. It can also give your self-esteem some much-needed boost and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.  

4. New Career Opportunities

Refractive surgery can open up new career opportunities that may not have been possible before with vision impairment. Jobs that require good eyesight, like becoming a pilot, police officer, firefighter, or even a surgeon, are now even more possible after getting certain kinds of refractive surgery. 

No longer held back by vision restrictions, you’re free to pursue careers involving detailed work, driving, safety, or your dream job requiring keen vision. With your vision corrected by refractive surgery, you can expand your career options dramatically. 

A whole new world of potential jobs and professions is now open to you.

5. Safer Sports and Activities

Having clear vision, thanks to refractive surgery, can make sports and other activities much safer. No longer will you have to worry about your glasses falling off or contacts blurring during physical activity. 

With corrected vision, you’ll have reliable sight while playing sports like basketball, tennis, or football, where you need to track and see a fast-moving ball. Activities like skiing down a mountain, skateboarding in a park, or cycling through traffic are extremely difficult and hazardous with impaired vision. 

But after LASIK or PRK, you can enjoy these activities with newfound confidence in your vision and improved safety. You’ll avoid the risk of glasses breaking or contacts becoming dislodged. 

Whether you’re returning to favorite sports you’ve avoided or trying new physical activities, refractive surgery can provide the gift of safe, steady, free vision to pursue them.

6. Cost Savings

The initial cost of refractive surgery is more than the price of a new pair of glasses or a box of contact lenses. However, you should think of it as a long-term investment. 

LASIK and PRK are a one-time expense that pays for itself over time.

With glasses and contacts, you’ll have to visit your eye doctor for checkups and replacements regularly. 

Glasses prescriptions expire after only a year. You’ll also have to pick between many lens options, including tinted, anti-glare, and protective lenses.

Plus, one pair of glasses usually isn’t enough for most people. The cost of glasses can run up to hundreds of dollars each year.

Contacts require ongoing maintenance, like replacements, cleaning solutions, and storage cases. You’ll also need to replenish your supply of cleaning lens solutions. 

Similar to glasses, you’ll spend hundreds of dollars on contact lenses annually. These recurring costs can quickly add up over the years compared to the one-time solution refractive surgery offers.

When you can see clearly without visual aids after LASIK or PRK, you won’t spend money replacing glasses or contacts throughout your life.

We also offer CareCredit, a special financing program that lets you pay for your procedure over time with low monthly payments. CareCredit offers promotional financing options, including six month and twelve month no interest plans, allowing you to get the vision correction you want on a budget that fits your needs.

Bring Your World into Focus with Refractive Surgery

You don’t have to settle for temporary solutions when you can permanently improve your vision and see better than ever. With LASIK or PRK from Eye Care Specialists, you can live your best life.

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