Should I Wait Until The Spring For LASIK?

Young woman enjoying winter after LASIK

Looking for visual freedom without the hassle of wearing glasses or contacts? LASIK may be the answer for you!

LASIK is a simple procedure that millions around the world have already undergone. It’s safe, reliable, and has an easy recovery time.

The benefits of LASIK will last all year and are especially noticeable in the spring. Do you find yourself sniffling every time flowers start blooming and allergy season starts?

Eye drops, contact lenses, and even glasses can be annoying this time of year. LASIK is not going to stop you from needing eye drops to fight off itchy eyes.

It’s also not going to magically make you no longer have spring allergies. But what it will do is remove the need to wear glasses or contacts.

During allergy season, that’s an important step! Eye drops when your eyes are swollen, watery, and red are anything but fun. Wondering how else LASIK could make spring better? Keep reading to learn more!

The LASIK Procedure

During LASIK, your surgeon will permanently reshape your cornea. This is the thin layer of translucent tissue at the front of your eye.

The cornea handles focusing most of the light that passes through the eye. There are several layers that make up the cornea. During LASIK, reshaping takes place in the middle layer, which has the thickest tissue.

To get to the middle layer of tissue, the surgeon creates a sort of “doorway” through the top layer of the cornea. This “flap” is then closed at the end of the procedure. Closing the flap reduces the time it takes to recover from LASIK.

Recovering From LASIK

LASIK only takes about 15 minutes per eye to complete. You should expect to be 100% healed from LASK 3 to 6 months after the procedure.

This depends on the individual patient. But you will be mostly recovered within a few weeks following LASIK.

As you recover from LASIK, you will need to be more careful with your eyes. During this time, you can slowly start resuming parts of your normal routine.

There are many rules that you will need to follow during your recovery period. Your doctor will let you know what to expect during your LASIK consultation. You’ll also be given very clear instructions to follow after the procedure.

Should I Wait To Get LASIK?

The answer to whether you should wait for LASIK is: no. The sooner you receive the surgery, the longer you will be able to enjoy its effects.

There’s no reason to wait to get LASIK, especially if you’ve already found out you’re a good candidate. You may want to get your finances in order since the procedure is not covered by insurance.

You also need to have enough downtime to recover. You must be able to take off at least a day or two from work so your eyes can rest.

Don’t get LASIK right before a big vacation or trip, since traveling after LASIK is not recommended. The best time to get LASIK is a time when you know you can relax and don’t have to worry about taking a few days off for a break.

You shouldn’t make a lot of plans during this time as your eyes will be more sensitive than normal. After about a week, your eyes should have adjusted to lights and any other sensitivities. Above all, if you have questions, let your doctor know!

Ready to find out if LASIK could be the right procedure for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Eyecare Specialists in Kingston, PA now! Don’t wait if you want to experience a lifetime of visual freedom, because you’ve already waited long enough!