3 Ways You Can Help After Cataract Surgery

Mother and daughter celebrating after Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is often a stressful experience for the person involved. There are a lot of moving parts and plenty of reasonable concerns.

If a loved one is going through this, it can be beneficial to have a friend or family member close for lending a helping hand. Want to be helpful?

Make sure you’re there for them after surgery. Keep reading for some ways to help a relative after cataract surgery!

Drive Them Home

The easiest thing to start with is driving your relative home after cataract surgery. When undergoing cataract surgery, the eyes are completely numbed.

Your vision is also blurry, making it impossible to drive. You should also plan on driving them to their procedure since they can’t drive home after.

Of course, they could always call a taxi or use a ride-sharing service, but having someone that they know and can talk to on the ride home will most certainly be more comforting (as well as save them a few dollars!).

The procedure only takes about 30 minutes to an hour, so you won’t be waiting very long!

Do Some Research of Your Own

Even if you’re not getting cataract surgery, it never hurts to do some extra research. Your loved one may want to discuss the procedure with you, as well as their expectations.

Research is especially key if you want to know what they can do during recovery. This will give you more information and ensure they don’t overdo it.

Another reason: it helps normalize the procedure. Your loved one likely wants someone else to talk to about the procedure besides a doctor.

You can keep an eye on any symptoms or discomfort they may be experiencing, and know what’s normal or not. And let’s not forget: you’ll probably need cataract surgery one day too!

Help Them With Household Tasks

While your loved one is recovering from cataract surgery, chores may become difficult. This can include cleaning their homes or making their beds.

After cataract surgery, their recovery for the first few days is to stay relaxed. Help them out with any household tasks that will make their lives easier!

The eyes are still vulnerable to infection or injury during recovery. This means they should avoid bending down or any strenuous activities. This can put a strain on the eye and cause serious damage.

Keep them as relaxed and unstressed as possible. They may start feeling better while recovering, but make sure they don’t overdo it.

Visit With Them

While you’re helping with household tasks, make sure to sit down and visit! They may want to discuss their surgery but it’s likely they may want to distract themselves as well.

Consider bringing a puzzle or a movie that you’ve been waiting to watch. Recovering all alone isn’t good for anyone’s self-esteem.

Your loved one will appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to visit. It’s a lot easier to recover from a procedure like cataract surgery if you’re not depressed!

Is your loved one nervous about getting cataract surgery? Show them there’s nothing to worry about by attending their cataract screening.

Help them schedule one today at Eyecare Specialists in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania! Cataract surgery doesn’t have to be scary if you have support from friends and family!