LASIK Candidacy

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If you are ready to dramatically improve your eyesight and enhance your quality of life, then you might be considering LASIK surgery. This procedure can have life-changing results, eliminating your need for glasses and contacts once and for all. Enjoy the ability to see the alarm clock clearly in the morning, participate in your favorite athletic activities without corrective eye wear, or travel without bulky bottles of contact lens solution. These benefits, and many more, may be awaiting you if you undergo eye LASIK surgery.

But how do you know if you are a good candidate for the LASIK procedure? While many people with vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can benefit from LASIK, the procedure is not right for everyone. The best way to find out if you are an ideal candidate for LASIK is to schedule a free consultation at our Northeastern Pennsylvania ophthalmology office. Our doctors will conduct a thorough eye evaluation to determine whether LASIK is the best procedure to achieve your vision correction goals.

office-lask-candidacyCriteria for LASIK Candidacy

In order to be a suitable candidate for LASIK, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Over the age of 18

  • Have a stable prescription for at least one year prior to undergoing LASIK

  • Healthy eyes that have not suffered an infection for at least one year

  • No corneal scarring

  • Does not suffer from dry eye syndrome

  • Not pregnant or nursing

  • Does not suffer from an autoimmune disease which may impact your ability to heal

In addition, you must have corneas of average thickness or better in order to maintain the shape of your eyeball after your procedure. If your corneas are too thin, it may result in LASIK complications.

Our ophthalmologists have extensive experience performing a variety of LASIK alternative procedures as well. If you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, you may still be able to dramatically improve your eyesight with a procedure such as PRK.

Lifestyle Factors and Eye LASIK Surgery Candidacy

If you participate in contact sports, it may impact your candidacy since these activities increase your risk of an eye injury after LASIK. However, as long as you are willing to refrain from engaging in contact sports and other activities which increase your risk of injury while your eyes heal, you should be able to successfully undergo LASIK.

People who enjoy swimming, water skiing or scuba diving often find LASIK to be extremely beneficial since it allows them to see clearly when enjoying their favorite hobbies. However, you will need to avoid these activities for at least a week following your procedure to prevent infection.

Skiing, mountain climbing, and other high altitude activities are also much more enjoyable after LASIK. However, a common problem experienced during high altitude activities is dry eye. Since dry eyes are often a temporary complication following LASIK, you may want to refrain from these activities during the healing period.

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